Sunday, March 23, 2014

NCAA Tournament, Day 4, Part 3

UCLA 77 - Stephen F Austin 60
UCLA was simply much better. Especially offensively. The Bruins shot over 54% from the field AND only had 3 turnovers. In fact, both teams combined for just 11 turnovers. 

On a personal note, a series of blowouts at the end of 4 straight days of basketball does not make my job any easier. Get better quick games. 

Baylor 85 - Creighton 55
Baylor was too big and too fast for Creighton. They did a terrific job of frustrating one of (if not the) top offensive player(s) in the country in Doug McDermott. Oh, and Baylor shot 11-for-17 from behind the arc. Put all that together and you get a game that was over early in the first half. 

Congratulations to Doug McDermott, who finishes his career as the 5th leading scorer in NCAA history. And he did it playing for his Dad all four years. That's a heck of a career, good luck to him in the NBA.

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