Friday, March 21, 2014

NCAA Tournament, Day 2, Part 1

Mercer 78 - Duke 71
No, this isn't a typo.

This was a pretty amazing win for Mercer, considering Duke hit 15 of 37 (40.5%) three-point shots, and the Blue Devils had 16 offensive rebounds.

On the other hand, it's pretty amazing that Duke kept the game that close considering they shot 7 of 25 from inside the arc, shot less than half as many free throws as Mercer, and had more turnovers than the 14 seed.

Baylor 74 - Nebraska 60
Frankly, Nebraska making the tournament is such a shock that everything (including this blowout loss) is gravy.

Dishonorable mention to Nebraska coach Tim Miles for getting ejected for getting his second technical foul for walking onto the court to alert the officials to the fact that shot clock wasn't working.

Stanford 58 - New Mexico 53
Stanford was comfortably ahead until late in the second half, when New Mexico rallied to tie it, but they could never take the lead. Eventually Stanford put the game away with good late free throw shooting.

Arizona 68 - Weber State 59
This game looks closer than it was, Arizona was up by 21 halfway through the second quarter before they (prematurely) let up and let Weber State make it look close by the end. It wasn't the colossal mismatch you'd expect from a 1 versus 16 matchup, but it wasn't quite a Florida on Thursday level performance either.

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