Thursday, March 20, 2014

NCAA Tournament Day 1, Part 1

Dayton 60 - Ohio State 59
Ohio State's offense reminds me of the Pitt teams from a few years ago. That's not a compliment.
The Buckeyes climbed back into the game by simply attacking the rim. They did a great job getting to the rim, but only an average job finishing.

I give Dayton credit on their last offensive possession: their guard started his drive with 7-8 seconds left, not 4 or 5. This allowed him to make his move (which was essentially to spread the floor and take Aaron Craft off the dribble which seems like it shouldn't work on paper). Sure it gave Ohio State a chance to tie, but better to have the option to pass, or pump fake than be locked into a bad shot if Ohio State had played better defense.

Warren Buffet must have loved this game, as a large majority of the country had Ohio State winning this game. Usually the basketball gods give us peons more than 2+ hours of hope of picking a perfect bracket. Not this year.

Wisconsin 75 - American 35
In the first half, the big guy from American was just throwing up ridiculous stuff and it was going in. Then that stopped, and American didn't have much else to throw at Wisconsin. .
It was 32-22 Wisconsin at halftime. As for the second half, wow, that escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast.

Pittsburgh 77 Colorado 48
Wow this was a snoozer. The Broncos were almost more competitive in the Super Bowl than Colorado was in this game. Pittsburgh was up 46-18 at halftime. That's mind-boggling, it usually takes Pitt two halves to put up that many points.

Harvard 61 - Cincinnati 57
I didn't see much of this game, but what I did see wasn't pretty when it came to Cincinnati's offense. Harvard did a good job not letting Cincy's big man dominate in the paint, and they definitely out-executed the Bearcats offensively. COngratulations to Harvard, the first Ivy League school to win tournament games in back-to-back years since 1983-84.

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