Saturday, March 22, 2014

NCAA Tournament, Day 3, Parts 1 & 2

Florida 61 - Pittsburgh 49
Florida was ice cold from behidn the arc (5-for-20), and they still won comfortably. Pitt simply could not break down the Gator defense, at elast not with any sort of consistency. Possession after possession ended with Pitt players putting up contested looks as the shot clock wound down, and Pitt's not nearly good enough offensively for that to be viable.

Louisville 66 - St. Louis 51
This was not a game of offense. The score was 25-16 at halftime. St. Louis shot 0-for-15 on three-pointers. That's right, depsite taking 15 threes, St. Louis made none in the entire game. They also turned the ball over 18 times (though to be fair, Louisville had 19 turnovers).

Michigan 79 - Texas 65
Here's the flipside, Michigan essentially put this game away in the opening 13 minutes, during which they amassed an 18-point lead. Michigan hit half of their 28 three-point attempts, which Texas simply couldn't counter.

San Diego State 63 - North Dakota State 44
That thud you may have heard was North Dakota State coming back to earth. They shot 31.3% from the field, 18.2% from behind the arc, and 70.6% from the free throw line (can't blame SD State's great defense for that one).

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