Friday, February 11, 2011

A day in the life in the Redskins front office:

From Twitter @Adam_Schefter:
Former Browns DL Shaun Rogers is visiting the Redskins today. Rogers already has been contacted by multiple teams. #nicetobewanted

Mike Shanahan, Bruce Allen, and Dan Snyder sit around a table at Redskins HQ

Shanahan: We've got a lot of work to do, Bruce.
Allen: Yes, yes we do.
Shanahan: We need a new quarterback...
Snyder: But we have Donovan, he's a huge name.
Shanahan: Dan, I benched Donovan with 3 games to go last season. He's not the player he once was in Philly.
Snyder: But I signed him to that flashy extension. I love flashy contracts.
Allen: Yes, but that was a dummy contract. There was very little chance he was going to collect on most of it, and we can cut him this offseason with almost no monetary hit.
Snyder: Oh.
Shanahan: Then we have to find something to do with Albert...
Snyder: Wait a minute! Albert's contract was my best work. We won the 2009 offseason with that contract. We can't just dump him 2 seasons later.
Allen: Dan, did you see Albert play last year?
Snyder: No.
Shanahan: That's because he's been a malcontent since I took over, so I took away his playing time. Dan, he came to camp out of shape, defied me at every turn, didn't keep his weight where we asked him to, tried to run me over in the parking lot, and assumed that since he's the highest paid player on the team that I'd be forced to play him. He tried to take me on, and nobody, but nobody messes with Napo...
Allen: Mike, you're doing it again.
Shanahan:...leon Bo...
Allen: MIKE!
Shanahan: What? Oh, sorry, where were we?
Snyder: So you're saying that paying older players based on their careers or their potential isn't a good idea, and that doing it with ones who already have a questionable work ethic is a really, really bad idea?
Shanahan: YES!
Allen: YES!
Snyder: Okay, got it. See you guys. (leaves)
Allen: Mike, we also need to put some contingency plans in place in case the lockout runs into next fall.
Shanahan: True, we don't even know if free agency will happen.
(Snyder pokes his head back in)
Snyder: Hey guys, I just got off the phone with Shaun Rodgers' agent. He's coming in for a visit tomorrow. Do you guys think 5 years is flashy enough?
Shanahan: (facepalms)
Allen: ...