Saturday, March 22, 2014

NCAA Tournament, Day 2, Part 4

Virginia 70 - Coastal Carolina 59
This was a tight game up until about 6 minutes remained in the second half, when Virginia finally pulled away. So in the end, the only 1 seed to play a leave no doubt game in the opening round was the one most people have questions about: Wichita State.

Kentucky 56 - Kansas State 49
In a game where neither team shot the ball well at all, Kentucky won on the back of making more than twice as many free throws as Kansas State did.

Iowa State 93 - North Carolina Central 75
From what I saw of this game, Iowa State's offense was simply operating at another level. NCC hung with them for a half, but eventually they simply could not keep up.

UCLA 76 - Tulsa 59
This game started right about the time I went to bed, so here's a quick summary of yesterday's NFL quarterback moves.

Raiders trade a 6th round pick for Matt Schaub, assumes his contract that will pay him about $11 Million this season barring a restructure - While on the surface it's surprising anyone would give up anything for Schaub, Oakland has money to burn and a reputation that does anything but attract free agents. As for Houston, it's only fitting that on his way out he nets them a "pick-6" after throwing so many of them in 2013.

Texans sign Ryan Fitzpatrick (2 years, $7.25 Million) - This gives Houston someone who can keep the seat warm if they draft a quarterback who's not ready to start right away. Though Fitzpatrick's turnover-happy ways seem doomed to frustrate a team with most other pieces in place around the quarterback.

Jets sign Mike Vick (1 year, $5 Million), cut Mark Sanchez - Had to happen. Even if you believe Sanchez has value left (I don't), he would never have succeeded with the Jets. Vick is a good value signing, for whatever role he's going to play.

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