Saturday, March 22, 2014

NCAA Tournament, Day 3, Part 3

Dayton 55 - Syracuse 53
Wow. That was a heck of a game. First off, I have to say this: Syracuse is ridiculously fast recovering in their zone defense. Having not watched much (okay, basically any) college basketball before the tournament, I know Syracuse plays zone defense, but actually seeing it is pretty amazing.

That being said, this game came down to the following statistic: Syracuse was 0-for-10 on three point shooting, including the potential game-winner released by Tyler Ennis as the shot clock expired.

Of course, Ennis only had his shot at glory because Dayton was so terrible at the free throw line (they were 10-of-18 as a team). From the field though, Dayton hit 43.8% from downtown, and also hit a ridiculous number of floaters/reverse layups/etc. off of penetration against the Syracuse zone.

Wisconsin 85 - Oregon 77
Closer than the final score indicates (there was a flagrant foul with less than a second left that gave Wisconsin a bunch of free throws). But this game turned on a Wisconsin possession that started with 1:58 left in the game and Oregon leading 75-74.

Wisconsin got 4 shots on this possession, thanks to 3 offensive rebounds. But it wasn't the usual terrible boxing out form that led to the offensive boards. Instead, twice multiple Oregon players got hands on the rebound, which led to neither of said players securing the rebound. This possession ended with a Wisconsin three-pointer with 1:09 remaining, giving the Badgers a lead they would not relinquish.

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