Thursday, October 16, 2014

NFL Picks, Week 7 - Thursday Night Edition

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  • The "national" late afternoon game is New York Giants at Dallas, on Fox.  
  • This is the first week of the season where a) Seattle has been playing, and b) I haven't been able to catch their game on local TV in Rhode Island. 

NEW ENGLAND (-9.5) over New York Jets 

Ugh, this is a well-placed line. I hate well-placed lines. I love New England to win this one. I mean, have you seen the Jets play this season? They're a train-wreck offensively, and their secondary is (to quote Charles Barkley) turrible. With Tom Brady rediscovering his mojo Rob Gronkowski getting healthy and the offensive line actually blocking people, that's a terrible matchup for this Jets team.

That being said, the Jets have enough players in their front seven to make life hard on this O-Line. Add in Stevan Ridley's season-ending (not officially yet, because why should the Patriots make anything injury-related easy, but the guy tore his ACL and MCL) injury, and the Patriots should be a very one-dimensional team from the get-go. Oh, and it's been raining pretty heavily for most of the day today. Those aren't conditions conducive to the Patriots putting up a ton of points.

But are we really expecting the Jets to put up much of anything offensively tonight? Their running game is okay, and their passing game is awful. The Patriots have a good front seven, even minus Jerrod Mayo, and they have a very good secondary. Add in sloppy conditions and I don't know if the Jets will break double digits.

All in all, this game reminds me of last year's week 2 Thursday Night tilt. The difference between that rain-soaked game and this one?
1. Last year the game was played in a monsoon. This year it will be wet, and maybe a little rainy.
2. Last year Brady had Julian Edelman and rookies to throw to. This year he has Edelman, Gronk, and...first- and second-year guys to throw to.
3. Last year the Jets were a rough-around-the-edges uneven commodity on offense. This year they're clearly bad.
4. Last year the line was Pats -13.5. This year it's Pats -9.5.

Bottom line: I'm taking the Pats.

2014 Midweek Picks: 6-0

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