Thursday, October 9, 2014

NFL Picks, Week 6 - Thursday Night Edition

I'm going to add a new link to the Thursday Night Picks thread. 506sports provides visual maps of which markets get which NFL games each week.

This week's maps: 506sports

  • The "national" late afternoon game is Dallas at Seattle, on Fox
  • New England at Buffalo is on FOX, NOT CBS. Before the season the NFL indicated it would ease the AFC road teams are on CBS, NFC road teams are on FOX rules for televising Sunday afternoon NFL games. 

Indianapolis (-2.5) over HOUSTON
These teams are actually more even than you might think (even though they have the same record). The problem is there's a glaring difference in quality at the most important position: quarterback. Each year, the numbers say that the Colts won't be very good or will regress because their overall talent level just isn't that good. And (so far) each year, Andrew Luck leads them to double-digit wins and a playoff berth.

If Houston's going to legitimately contend with the Colts for the AFC South, it has to start with winning this game. I just don't think they have a good enough quarterback to do it. Sorry, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

2014 Midweek Picks: 5-0

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