Thursday, October 2, 2014

NFL Picks, Week 5 - Thursday Night Edition

GREEN BAY (-8) over Minnesota

No...wait....good God! That's Christian Ponder's music!!!!

It really is that simple. As of this post, all indications are the Vikings will (smartly) not risk playing Teddy Bridgewater a mere four days after he injured his ankle and left the game on a cart. Instead they will roll into Green Bay with 3rd choice Christian Ponder at quarterback and second choice Matt Asiata at running back.

I'm not sure I'd take the Vikings even if Bridgewater were playing, but I would think about it. Why? Because the Green Bay front 7 is awful, and with even the threat of a passing game even Asiata and Co. should be able to run all over it. But to possess the threat of a passing game you need a quarterback who's a threat as a passer. Matt Cassel? Qualifies. Teddy Bridgewater? Qualifies. Christian Ponder? No.

With Ponder under center it would take a grossly unhealthy amount of turnovers on Green Bay's part to keep this game close. As long as Green Bay's offense does its job, Ponder will turn the ball over when he has to throw the ball to play catch up.

2014 Midweek Picks: 4-0

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