Friday, November 8, 2013

NFL Power Poll, Week 9

Rank (Last)
1 (5)
Who deserves the top spot? I'll give it to the team that has looked the most impressive in the last month-and-a-half, even if it was against a less-than-imposing schedule.
2 (2)
The Houston game raised some pretty serious questions about their offense in the post-Reggie Wayne part of this season.
3 (3)
Why not slot the Chiefs #1? Theit defense outscored their offense 12-11 against the Jeff-Tuel-led Bills. At some point they will play a team that can start a real NFL quarterback, and these types of performances won't fly any more.
4 (1)
Play down to a significantly lesser opponent once, shame on you. Play down to a significantly lesser opponent two weeks in a row, you have some serious issues.
5 (6)
Good news: The Denver offense accidentally put up 38 points on their bye week. Bad news: John Fox's health issues mean Jack Del Rio is now running the good ship Bronco. Normally this would be a serious cause for concern, but it's not like Peyton Manning takes orders from anyone, so the offense will continue its ridiculous pace.
6 (9)
That offensive performance had to be a welcome sight for Patriots fans.
7 (4)
The Saints may be most in need of home field advantage come playoff time, their Jimmy Graham centric offense does not travel very well, especially to the East coast.
8 (11)
Much like San Francisco, they have been impressive, but against cupcakes.
9 (10)
All of a sudden they're the only team in the NFC North with a starting-caliber quarterback. Yes, I see you in the back, Christian Ponder. My point still stands.
10 (7)
In the span of 5 days, the Bengals lost their best cornerback, their best defensive player, and lost a game on a safety in overtime. Oh, and Andy Dalton regressed back to a giant question mark.
11 (14)
I actually have more faith in the Josh McCown-led offense than the defense right now. What a difference a year makes.
12 (8)
Without Rogers for 4-6 weeks, the Packers are in serious trouble. With Seneca Wallace as the replacement, they're in very serious trouble.
13 (15)
I'm not sure if it's impressive that Arizona is this high without much at quarterback or anything at offensive line, or if that's an indictment on the NFL as a whole.
14 (18)
Taking no off-the-field issues into account, this team still has lost the entire left side of its offensive line. For a team that already didn't either run the ball or protect its quarterback well, that's not good.
15 (12)
Tony Romo keeps this team afloat, but there's only so much they can do without a running game or a defense.
16 (17)
If they can keep Locker healthy, they should be a part of the race for the 2nd wild card spot.
17 (20)
Rex Ryan deserves some serious coach of the year love for the job he's doing with the pieces he has.
18 (19)
Can Cleveland keep Brandon Weeden off the field long enough to make an actual run at Cincinnati in this division?
19 (13)
They still have 4 games against Denver and Kansas City left. In other words, don't count on seeing them in the playoff race for much longer.
20 (21)
This defense is so good, especially at pressuring the quarterback, it's amazing that they’ve fallen this far this fast.
21 (22)
Don't look now, but this offense is getting untracked.
22 (16)
An absolute dumpster-fire of an offense weighed down by an albatross shaped suspiciously like Joe Flacco's contract.
23 (23)
Just good enough to lose a close one at the end of the game.
24 (24)
It's a shame that Tony Gonzalez will end his career on a team that was out of it by Halloween.
25 (29)
Seriously, what the hell Nick Foles?!? Where did that come from???
26 (25)
Bernie Kosar looks spot-on about Kellen Clemens.
27 (26)
All of the positive vibes from their first 7 games were undone by that terrible display of pass defense.
28 (28)
The defense is stabilizing, somewhat. But if they can't get a running game, they won't have enough to climb back into the division race.
29 (27)
They immediately regret that defensive performance.
30 (30)
Is Adrian Peterson a great enough runner to run out of his contract?
31 (31)
Good news: They showed significant signs of life in taking a 21-0 first-half lead on a then 7-1 team. Bad news: That team is now 8-1 despite trailing 21-0 in the late 2nd quarter and never having a lead in regulation.
32 (32)
The NFL denied their petition to extend the bye week to a bye month.

Biggest Risers:
San Francisco, Miami, Philadelphia (4 spots)

Biggest fallers:
San Diego, Baltimore (6 spots) 

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