Thursday, November 28, 2013

NFL Picks, Week 13 - Thanksgiving Edition

Green Bay (+6) over DETROIT 
Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy has finally taken his head of of his...turkey, and decided to start Matt Flynn at quarterback for this game as Aaron Rodgers is still recuperating from his broken collarbone.

The last time Matt Flynn played the Lions, this happened.

Detroit's secondary isn't much better than it was then.

Detroit wins this game, thanks to their balance and Green Bay's equally horrid defense, but Flynn matches Stafford shot for shot, only for Stafford to drive his team for the winning field goal late in the 4th quarter.

Detroit wins 34-31. 

DALLAS (-9.5) over Oakland
Yes, the Dallas defense is hurt and playing well below par, but Oakland simply has no one who can cover Dez Bryant. So either Bryant will go off, or in trying to contain Bryant, Oakland will allow Jason Witten to catch something like 15 passes for 160 yards and take death by a thousand cuts instead of going up in a fiery inferno.

Dallas wins 30 - 13. 

Pittsburgh (+3) over BALTIMORE 
I can't take Baltimore's offense seriously right now, they're simply awful. Pittsburgh's defense can't handle good offenses, but Baltimore's unit is anything but. Realizing this, the Ravens offensive coordinator has thrown in some wildcat over the past couple weeks, using backup QB Tyrod Taylor for these plays. Joe Flacco didn't like this wrinkle, saying it makes the Ravens look like a "high school offense".

In fact, cameras caught Flacco's reaction on the field when the first wildcat play-call came in:

Pittsburgh wins 27 - 9

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

2013 Midweek Picks: 5-6-1

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