Thursday, December 5, 2013

NFL Picks, Week 14 - Thursday Night Edition

Houston (-3.5) over JACKSONVILLE

Case Keenum has looked like a completely different quarterback when Gary Kubiak is on the sidelines versus when Kubiak was out or up in the coaches box.

The first Jags-Texans game came without Kubiak on the sidelines, and the Houston offense looked beyond awful. The Jaguars' offense didn't look much better, but two big plays (leading to 10 points) held up as enough to beat those Texans.

Last week Kubiak comes back to the sideline, and the Texans offense erupts for 31 points against the Patriots. 13 points won't be enough to win this game, and with Houston's defense, Jacksonville won't be able to score enough to keep up.

2013 Midweek Picks: 6-8-1

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