Saturday, October 8, 2016

NFL Picks, Week 5

Quick hitters this week, home teams in CAPS.

MINNESOTA (-7) over Houston
I just don't trust Osweiller, especially against a great defense.

MIAMI (-3.5) over Tennessee
I, for one, am shocked, shocked, that a Mike Mularkey-led team is regressing. Who could have seen that coming?

New England (-10.5) over CLEVELAND
Angry Brady >>> Sad Browns

PITTSBURGH (-7.5) over New York Jets
The Jets defense is hemorrhaging against the pass, and their offense is too banged up to keep pace with the Steelers.

BALTIMORE (-4) over Washington
Not sure what to expect from either teM yet, so I'm going with Baltimore at home.

Philadelphia (-3.5) over DETROIT
The Lions are terrible.

Chicago (+4.5) over INDIANAPOLIS
Colts GM Ryan Grigson blamed Andrew Luck's new contract for why he hasn't built a competent defense. Of course, Grigson has been GM since 2012 and Luck only signed his deal this offseason. He also spent consecutive first round pick on Trent Richardson (out of the league), Bjorn Werner (out of the league), and Philip Dorsett  (a receiver, the one position they had depth at).

DENVER (-4) over Atlanta
I don't trust Atlanta's offense against a great defense or their defense against any offense.

LOS ANGELES (Pick 'em) over Buffalo
Buffalo won their Super Bowl last week, is going cross country this week, and how are they going to move the ball on the Rams defense?

OAKLAND (-3.5) over San Diego
As well as the Chargers may play in the first 58 minutes, they will blow it in the waning moments of this game. It's what they've done in 75% of their games so far this season. At this point it's a pattern.

DALLAS (+2) over Cincinnati
The Bengals offense is still out of sync, and Dallas' offense may not be high flying, but they execute well.

GREEN BAY (-7) over New York Giants
The Giants aren't good enough to go into Lambeau and get a result.

CAROLINA (-4) over Tampa Bay
Yes, the Panthers will be without Cam Newton, and yes, their secondary is a dumpster fire, but Tampa has not taken a step forward from last season, and is not in a position to take advantage.

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