Thursday, September 24, 2015

NFL Picks, Week 3 - Thursday Night Edition

This week's NFL TV maps: 506sports

The "national" late game is Chicago at Seattle on CBS. 

NEW YORK GIANTS (-3) over Washington

This is the second week in a row I am picking differently because the game is on Thursday night. It's not that I'm all in on Washington after they humiliated the Rams, it's that I don't believe much separates these two teams, so on a Sunday I'd be inclined to take the points. 

But this game isn't on a Sunday, it's on a Thursday. And sure Washington is 1-1 and the Giants are 0-fer, but the Giants had 4th quarter leads in both of their games. Yes they threw those games away, but they were good enough to take the lead late into both games. 

Meanwhile, the Redskins defeated the Rams. I warned people not to jump to conclusions after the Rams knocked off the defending NFC Champs at home (because it's happened 3 out of the last 4 seasons, and the Rams haven't hit even a .500 record in any of those seasons. It is entirely in character for the Rams to play a great game against a strong divisional opponent, only to defecate the bed the following week against a lesser one.

In the end, call this a pick against the buildup the Redskins are getting after last week. Here's to the Giants taking a lead into the 4th quarter...and keeping it.  

2015 Midweek Games: 0-1-1

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