Thursday, September 10, 2015

NFL Picks, Week 1 - Kickoff Classic Edition

Once again, I will use my Thursday Night pick to link to the wonderful 506sports website, which displays the TV coverage for all of us schlubs who don't want to pony up for DirecTV. 

This week's NFL TV maps: 506sports

PATRIOTS (-7) over Steelers

For the last 11 years the kickoff classic has featured the previous year's Super Bowl champion. Nine time the defending champion has started the season 1-0. The two outliers? 

2013, when the Baltimore Ravens lost to the Denver Broncos 49-27. This game was notable because, due to a scheduling conflict with the Orioles, the Ravens had to begin the season on the road, instead of at home, which is the custom. 

2012, when the Dallas Cowboys defeated the New York Giants 24-17. Because even when the Giants were good no one had any idea how well they'd play in any regular season game, and let's not forget that Eli Manning ruins everything. 

So history is very much on the Patriots side in this one. Add in Pittsburgh's lack of a pass defense, and it's hard to come up with a scenario where the Steelers can win a shootout. Then remember that Pittsburgh has a top-3 receiver suspended 4 games, their top running back suspended 2 games, and their starting center out injured...and it's hard to see how Pittsburgh can even keep this game close. 

Finally, add in all of the DeflateGate stuff, Brady overturning the suspension, the fans in a lather due to the way the NFL handled the matter, AND the celebration of last year's (grits teeth) Super Bowl victory, and this line could be doubled and I'd still pick the Patriots. 

Regular Season History:
2014 Season: 130-122-3 (.516)
2014 Midweek Picks: 13-5
2013 season: 115-134-7 (.463)
2013 Midweek Picks: 7-9-1
2012: 114-133-9 (.463)
2011: 51-55-4 (.482)

Postseason History:
2014 Postseason: 6-5 (.545) / Miles' 2014 Postseason: 6-5 (.545)
2013 Postseason: 4-5-2 (.455) / Miles' 2013 Postseason: 6-3-2 (.550)
2012 Postseason: 6-4-1
2011 Postseason: 6-5

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