Friday, October 16, 2015

NFL Picks, Week 6

Quick hitting picks this week. As always, home teams in CAPS.

Denver (-4) over CLEVELAND
I was tempted to pick Cleveland to cover this game at home, since Denver can't play offense well anymore and DeMarcus Ware is out. But Cleveland will be without  cornerback Joe Haden and safety Tashuan Gipson for this one, so Peyton will avoid turnovers, at least, and the Broncos will cover this road game.

Cincinnati (-3) over BUFFALO
After last week's comeback win, which can best be summarized by
you would expect the Bengals to have a bit of a letdown the following week on the road against the Bills. And that may very well happen. But the Bills will be starting EJ Manuel, so it won't matter. 

MINNESOTA (-3.5) over Kansas City 
I officially give up on the 2015 Kansas City Chiefs.

Houston (+1) over JACKSONVILLE 
I like the Houston Hoyers to take this game. I would be picking Jacksonville if they were still the Houston Mallets.

Chicago (+3) over DETROIT
One of these teams has given any indication in the first 5 weeks that it can be a mildly competent team. I'm picking that one.

NEW YORK JETS (-6.5) over Washington 
I know Ryan Fitzpatrick against that Washington defense is a mismatch, but Kirk Cousins against that New York Jets defense? I fully expect Cousins to duck into a phone booth, change, and emerge as Captain Turnover for the better part of this game.

Arizona (-3.5) over PITTSBURGH
The Mike Vick factor.

Miami (+1) over TENNESSEE
I'm giving Miami the bump teams tend to get when their coach gets fired and they get shaken out of their doldrums.

Carolina (+7) over SEATTLE
The only time in the last 3 years that this matchup has been  won by 7+ points was in last year's playoff game. Yes that's the only one of the 4 matchups that was played in Seattle, but this Seahawks team is a mess. I believe the defense will get back on track against Cam Newton and whoever he's throwing to these days, but I do not have faith that Seattle's offense can pull away from the Panthers defense. Your move, Bevell.

GREEN BAY (-10.5) over San Diego 
This is the same Chargers team that let Michael Vick beat them at home 6 days ago.

SAN FRANCISCO (+2) over Baltimore 
Both of these teams are terrible. Give me the points.

New England (-9) over INDIANAPOLIS
I am legitimately floored that this line is single digits. You could put this line at Patriots -21 and I'd still take New England without blinking. I mean, this game is going to be this

all night long.

PHILADELPHIA (-4.5) over New York Giants 
If the Giants weren't facing the likelihood of playing this game without Victor Cruz, Odell Beckham, and Rueben Randle (their top 3/only good receivers), I'd like their chances against the confounding mystery team from Philly, but they are, so I don't.

This week: 0-1 (D'oh!)
Last week: 7-6-1 (.536)
Season: 36-39-2 (.481)

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