Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March Madness Day 10: The Recap

Game Commentary

The Daily Leaders
Day 1: Joe P - 14 pts
Day 2: Jen K/Joe M/Melissa R/Jimmy T - 25 pts
Day 3: Jen K/Joe M/Melissa R - 35 pts
Day 4: Joe M - 47 pts
Day 5: Cindy F - 58 pts
Day 6: Craig M - 70 pts
Day 7: Craig M - 78 pts
Day 8: Craig M - 86 pts
Day 9: Craig M - 102 pts

The Final Leaderboard
1. Megan K - 130 pts
2. Bryan L - 125 pts
3. Jon J - 118 pts
4. David K - 116 pts
5. Bernie Q - 114 pts

Last+1: Paula B - 36 pts
Last: Rachel G - 36 pts
Rachel snags last place with the total points tiebreaker. Paula had 129 total points, and Rachel had 273. The correct number of total points was 158. Since Rachel was further away, she "wins" last place.

To Megan, Bryan, and Jon, for finishing in the "money spots". Or the medal spots, if you prefer (they probably don't).

To Celinda, for bringing home the title of "Top Kofron" this year.

To Nathan G, for bringing home the title of "Top Gourd/Kofron" this year. Also for it being his birthday today. Happy Birthday Nate!

To Miles, for beating every Kofron except for his Mom. Yes, my bracket lost out to a 2-year-old.

To the 20 of you who correctly picked Louisville to win the whole thing.

To Craig M, the top finisher in the pool who did not pick the correct winner.

To Sam OC, for his unselfish nature. Sam emailed me a few days ago to see if I'd consider making the top-6 spots the "money spots". I declined, but considering he ended up in 23rd place, perhaps his motives were more selfless than I believed.

To Katie A, for predicting the exact final score of the championship game. Well done.

To the University of Nebraska, that was a heck of a thing you did.

More on Jack Hoffman

To CBS/the NCAA. Is is really necessary to wait to start the final until 9:30? You championship game ended after night football games end, and those are 3+ hours long.

To Mike Rice, the former Rutgers coach who apparently enjoyed bullying college kids he (as their coach) had essentially complete control over. Putting aside how this makes him a bad human being, how can someone think this is a good way to coach?

To Rutgers, for not having fired him already. You see, Rutgers didn't see this video when ESPN got ahold of it and aired it. They saw it well before this, and made the decision to suspend him for 3 games and fine him. I don't understand
1) How they could have watched this and not concluded the correct course of action was termination
2) How they fooled themselves into thinking this would never leak. 30 years ago? Okay, I could see it. Now? With the internet, 24-hour news coverage, and sites like TMZ and Deadspin? That was never realistic.

Finally, thank you all for participating in the pool, especially if you helped increase this site's page views by about 3000% over the last 3 weeks. I hope you all enjoyed following along with the games as much as I did.

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